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Embrace the Hyphen started as a dream, the brainchild of AAPI youth and young activist Ashlyn So. As our racial awareness expanded through speaking at #StopAsianHate rallies, attending seminars on Asian American identity, and standing in solidarity with other minority communities in this country, we sought to create a brand which made us feel at home--a home somewhere in-between Eastern and Western culture, an American identity just as legitimate as anybody else's, yet rarely celebrated.  As the fortunate and nuanced children of immigrants, we've all struggled with identity at some point, feeling pressured to prove our "Asian" or "American" side by society. Embrace The Hyphen seeks to remind Asian American youth that they belong, that they are whole, legitimate, and simply beautiful as they are.


Just be yourself. Embrace the Hyphen.


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Creation of Embrace the HYPHEN

We've always had big dreams for everyone to live peacefully, be treated equally, and thrive together. We're aware of how daunting and tremendous this task proves to be, but as the young leaders of the next generation we must do our best; nothing changes unless we are willing to take the first step and build on the accomplishments of our ancestors. It's time that we listen to one another and unite against a culture full of Eurocentrism and white-washing. We think we can foster a culture which genuinely finds beauty in diversity. Do you?


Endlessly diverse in our experiences and heritage yet simultaneously united in our struggle against Eurocentric ideals and cultural invisibility, we are the AAPI youth.

100% of profits go to causes for #StopAsianHate, Asian American representation, and grassroots organizations across the country. Proceeds from the clothing will go also towards numerous operations such as community events like self-defense classes, education initiatives on AAPI history, and seminars for forming Asian American Student Unions in schools.

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